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Season 1

On January 19, 1988, 19 year old Susan Anne Swedell left her job from K-Mart in Oak Park Heights, Minnesota. She stopped at a gas station along Highway 5 at the corner of Manning Avenue. This gas station was located approximately one mile from her home in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. Susan pulled in to the gas station and parked her car off to the side, and another car pulled in after her. It was snowing heavily at the time. Susan was last seen by the gas station attendant getting into the other car, driven by a man. He had been at the gas pumps filling up his car. Based on it being 1988, he had to have gone into the station to pay.

The man she left with was described as having shoulder length curly hair, tall, unshaven, and a well built physique.

Susan has never been seen or heard from since, and the man is still unidentified.


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It’s Season 1, and we have lots of questions about Susan’s disappearance. Someone out there has the answers. Is it you?


If you know anything about the disappearance of Susan Swedell, or if you know anything that could be relevant to a resolution of her case, please contact the Washington County Sheriff Department Tip Line at 651-430-7850.

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